Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In the Canner

This is our first successful garden since moving to Missouri in June of 2014.  That year, it was too late to do anything, especially considering that we needed to build a raised bed before we could begin.  By last summer, we had the bed built and ready.  We planted some things, but the the second half of spring and the first half of summer were so rainy and cool that hardly anything grew.  What did grow tended to get eaten by deer.  We needed a fence, but my husband's broken wrist meant one was not going to be built.  We got a total of four tomatoes from many plants and also a few carrots and beans.  Fast forward to this year, things are going much better.  So we got out the canner to process some of the bounty.  Here are the first of the tomatoes, which we diced~

These carrots did not come from the garden.  The grocery store had five pound bags marked down to 50 cents, so I picked up two and Dave and I set to work canning them.  He helped with the scraping and cutting, which really sped up the process!

These will taste so good this winter!

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