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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~~ January 25, 2014

Another week has gone past and it's time for {phfr}!


In the bleak mid-winter, flowers from the grocery store can be such a pick-me-up!  These sit in a big mason jar on our kitchen table.

This is my next sewing project.  I'm not very accomplished, but I know more than I used to, and I do like sewing for my granddaughter.  Children's clothes are small enough that they don't overwhelm me.  The green fabric is for the dress and the blue is for the appliques.  I think I'll do the big polka dots.  I'm a sucker for polka dots!
Speaking of Arane, I/we video chat with her everyday.  For some reason, last Sunday evening we pulled out our instruments and played for her.  You can see her look of intense interest on the computer screen.  (Okay, so it's not that funny, but it's the best I could do this week.)

This winter has been colder and snowier than any I can remember, even those from my childhood which have been exaggerated in my memo…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ January 18, 2014

It's time for {phfr}!

Lots of pretties this week, all Christmas presents from my lovely and talented daughters.

My firstborn, Elizabeth, has been teaching herself to sew, beginning with simple things at first, of course.  She made these pretty pillowcases for her dad and me~

She did a great job and I love the vintage print!  These were in our stockings (I think).  I love bed linens, table linens, kitchen linens, etc., etc., of any sort, and these are perfect!

As you already know if you've read my blog for very long, Hannah is very crafty and skilled at handcrafts.  She was practically born with a needle and a pair of scissors in her hands.  She had been working on the project you see below all autumn, but little did I know it was for me!  I had wished (even out loud) that it was for me, but Hannah assured me it wasn't.  So imagine my delight when I opened it on Christmas!

Hannah and I have both been learning Greek (from Dave :) ).  I think she had fu…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ January 9, 2014

Has it really been a month since I lasted posted?  I certainly won't win any blogger-of-the-year awards at this rate!

We had a lovely Christmas.  Lizzie, Justin, and Arane were here for ten days!  We spent a lot of time quietly staying home, but with an eighteen-month-old on the premises, the days were anything but slow-paced.  It was delightful to once again see Christmas through the eyes of a small child and be reminded of the wonder.

A few days the temperature approached 50, so we managed some good outside time.

Dave made Arane this kitchen set and she loved it!  She spent lots of happy time playing with it, and her mother tells me once home she had to be dragged away from it for trivial things like meals and sleep.

She's happy to be sitting on Daddy's lap, clutching a bag of M&M's in each hand.

Arane and her "papa", happy as two clams . . .

A day or two after Christmas, Arane discovered my pantry and spent long periods there pla…