Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Growlery

We've just about wrapped up another room and I wanted to show you pictures. This room is off the kitchen and is intended to be a TV room, I'm sure, but since we don't have a TV, we repurposed it. We call it the growlery (begin at about 6:30 for the reference). In days of yore, the growlery was a room where the men retired after dinner to sip brandy, smoke cigars, and talk politics. We were stumped as to what to call this room, but Dave hit upon "the growlery" and it has stuck. We all knew right away that that was the perfect name! It inspired me to take a more masculine tack in paint, furniture, and decor. See what you think!

The view as you enter from the kitchen:

We bought the chairs brand new. We hardly ever buy new furniture, but we'd used up most of what we already had in other rooms, so we splurged. I'd love to move the exercise bike if we can find a more propitious place for it.

The view from the door that leads to the back patio:

And the view from the utility room:

The wall unit is really deep ~ about two feet ~ so I left the books pulled out from the wall. We could actually store another layer of books back there, but then we'd be likely to forget about them! The storage below is used for games and puzzles and some things I haven't unpacked yet. There is a door to the right of the organ that is a pocket door and leads to the utility room, which is not very exciting yet. So, yes, there are three doors in this small room!

Here's a picture showing our bright blue bookcase which will soon be painted another color that I haven't decided upon yet. We keep Hannah's school things and mine on it. It's a little bit messy because it was in use at that moment. You can see the door into the kitchen (which shows our finished chalkboard!).

I made the curtains, but I took the simplest possible route: I sewed two big rectangles and hung them on a rod with clips. I really like how they turned out. Dave is getting very good at installing curtain rods. He should be! He's done it enough in the last three months! (Nota bene: The ceiling is not dirty; that is paint of umpteen different colors! It seems that everyone who has ever painted this house felt obliged to hit the ceiling with the roller multiple times and not wipe it off [except us!]. We will paint every ceiling in the house eventually. In the meantime, we just avoid looking up. Grrrr . . . )

This little table is one of a pair of Drexel Heritage tables we bought at a garage sale for $15. The other is destined for the guest room. I'm going to paint it, but I haven't decided on the color yet. Ideas, anyone? Opinions?

This picture shows Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg:

Bookshelves . . .

This is a facsimile of the title page from J.S. Bach's Bible, translated by Martin Luther. The brown smudge in the lower righthand corner is Bach's signature. Pretty neat, eh?

And more bookshelves . . .

A terribly backlit photo of the back door plus our kitty. He insisted I include him. :-)

So that's it. Thanks for looking!


  1. I *love* that room. IT looks so inviting, peaceful and comfy.


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