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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ May 26, 2013

We got lots done in the garden yesterday, which is excellent because today it's damp and chilly!

When Elizabeth was still too young to pick flowers, I bought a vase like this one at a yard sale.  I thought that at three inches high it would be perfect for the bouquets of clover and dandelion that I knew I would one day be presented with.  Over the years my little bunny vase has held many flowers picked by chubby hands.  It still sits on my kitchen windowsill.

Long before my first grandchild was on her way but after Lizzie and Justin had gotten married, I saw an identical vase at a thrift shop for 59 cents.  I snatched it up right away!  I thought Lizzie would enjoy carrying on the tradition of the bunny vase.  I tucked it away until needed, and last spring I sent it to her as part of her baby shower gift.  Last week while visiting and helping with their move, I took Arane outside and together we picked wild daisies from the yard for her mother.  At first they went into an …

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ May 19, 2013

Happy Pentecost, everyone!  I'm joining Like Mother, Like Daughter today.

In the middle of all the garden work, I took a nine-day trip to Appalachia to help Lizzie and Justin move into a new house.  Not the most propitious time for me, but that's the way it worked out, and the garden work will all get done.  Yes, it will.

I arrived before the actual moving day and so was able to help pack.  But the unpacking is so much more fun, don't you think?  Here is the kitchen a day a half after our arrival.  We are amazing to have made so much progress in such a short time, are we not?

Though you can't tell from the pictures, the walls are a slightly subdued lime green, which is cheerful and bright and goes fantastically with the Fiestaware!  (This room has no windows and my camera is old by digital standards, so the colors are not quite right.)

The door leads to the converted garage, which is now housing boxes yet to be unpacked.

This baby is so incredibly pretty that …

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ May 5, 2013

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter again!

Lately I've only shown {pretty} and {happy}, but that's because it's spring!  So many things are so very {pretty} right now, and that makes me extremely {happy}!


This little patch of ground is drab during the winter, but when the hostas and other vegetation come back to life, it's quite pretty.  Only one tulip bloomed this spring, though, so in the fall I'll need to plant a few more. 

Speaking of tulips, I love the color of these!

Some of my pansies.  Pansies are a necessity in the spring! {Happy} Remember when I showed you the picture of our strawberries after we uncovered them earlier this spring?  They were pretty pathetic and we wondered if they'd survive.  Well, lookee at this! Not only did they survive, they have blossoms!  We are looking forward to our first crop of homegrown strawberries.  Yum!   The rest of the garden is underway too, but there isn't much to show for it yet.  Peas, turnips, and…