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Antique Store Treasures

When we travel, I like to stop at antique stores, and my family indulges me. Actually, I think Man of the House enjoys it and Girl of the House enjoys it for about fifteen minutes. I'm usually hunting for blue transferware china, but other things often present themselves and ask me to buy them. Such was the case when we visited Girl Out of the House and That Boy down South over Labor Day weekend and when we went to my niece's wedding in the Midwest this past weekend.

We stopped in Sonora, TN (or was it KY?), a tiny farming town that appeared to be dying a slow death but looked like it was once a charming place to live. There were two ramshackle antique shops across the street from each other manned by friendly proprietors. We didn't find anything in the first shop, but the second yielded . . . a math book. Now, I don't usually get excited about math books (okay, I've never gotten excited about a math book!), and I almost missed seeing this one entirely. It …

Simple Woman's Daybook--Sept. 15, 2010

FOR TODAY Sept. 15, 2010...

Outside my window... It is positively gorgeous! The sun is sparkling and the sky is blue, blue, blue . . .

I am thinking... about our trip to my niece’s wedding this weekend

I am thankful for... cooler weather, the start of a new schoolyear, my son-in-law’s new job

From the learning rooms...Girl of the House starts her online classes this week~German and physical science. She’s excited!

From the kitchen... I’m not sure what’s for dinner yet. I’m making a menu plan for the next two weeks this morning and hitting the shops this afternoon.

I am wearing... a denim skirt and a brown ¾-sleeve t-shirt

I am creating... a cross stitch project for a wedding gift for my niece and her fiance

I am going... grocery shopping

I am reading... To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I’ve never read the book, though I’ve seen the movie. I’m very much liking Lee’s prose.

I am hoping... Girl of the House feels better today. She’s caught some sort of bug.

On my mind… I am feeling sor…

Labor Day Travels

Girl of the House, Girl Out of the House, and That Boy

We made a trip to the South Labor Day weekend to check up on . . . er . . . I mean. . . visit Girl Out of the House (aka Girl 1) and That Boy, who have been married a little over a year. That Boy graduated from college in May and has been diligently looking for a job ever since. The economy being what it is right now, that's been no easy task, but he landed one just this week. Hurray! Now I'll sleep better. ;-)

I'm new to being a parent of grown offspring, and what I've discovered is there is at least as much to worry about when they've grown and flown the nest than when they are still your direct responsibility. But it was reasurring to vist Girl 1 and That Boy. Their care for each other was evident. They are a well-matched pair, and I am confident that with the Lord's help they will do well.

I very much enjoyed seeing how they have put their apartment together. It's not a large place, b…