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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ Feb. 24, 2013

It's time for {pretty, happy, funny, real}!

I am probably the only person on the entire internet still posting Christmas pictures, but please bear with me.  I'm still catching up from my blogging hiatus. :-)

Man of the House and I made this nativity set for Sweet Pea and her family for Christmas.  I've had the patterns for years (ever since we made a set for ourselves).  I copied them onto card stock, colored them with plain ol' Crayola colored pencils, cut them out, and then we used spray shellac to make them adhere to 2x4 blocks of wood Man of the House cut to size.  They are just right for little hands to play with!


Girl of the House is a quilting maniac these days.  She has been churning out quilts at (what is to me) an astounding rate lately.  Last week she finished two quilts that she made for two elderly ladies at church who have been suffering from various ailments all winter.  You can see them here (the quilts, not the ladies!).  And here'…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ Feb. 17, 2013

Can it really be time for {phfr} already??  Here goes . . .


Have you ever tried to take a picture of a black cat?  It's nearly impossible, at least for a point-and-click kind of photographer, such as I am.  He always comes out as a black, indistinct blob, but I thought just maybe since he was up against the white bedskirt and there was plenty of light that day, the results might be improved.  I was right!  I think he looks particularly handsome in this shot, if not exactly {pretty}.

This recently got replaced:

With this: 

I did not love the brass and glass light fixture in the dining area.  It was hard to keep clean and smacked of the 1980's, but living in a parsonage means we can't just go changing things willy-nilly.  Besides, it still worked, which was its essential function, after all.  But one day I noticed the "candles" were quite scorched~ all black and brown~and one of the sockets kept blowing out light bulbs.  So we got the go-ahead to buy a new…

From My Commonplace Book

"The first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together.  If we are going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb, when it comes, find us doing sensible and human things~ praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts~ not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs."~ C.S. Lewis

"A garden is an evidence of faith, and it links us with all the misty figures of the past who also planted and were nourished by the fruits of their planting.  The truth is, none of us belongs merely to today; we are a small part of the whole progression of mankind.  We have a responsibility to pass to the next generation as much good as we can, and we are also responsible for those who went before us."~ Gladys Taber

". . . a wise and elegant thrift~ nothing wasted, nothing wanted . . ."~ a description in 1885 of Zilpah P. Grant by her biographe…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny Real}~ Mega Catch-up Edition (Feb. 8, 2013)

Lookee!  It's only Friday and I'm posting for {phfr}!  I'm going to make this a combination catch-up/phfr post in order to accomplish two things at once.

First of all, nothing bad happened to make me stop blogging for two whole months.  No one was seriously ill (though the flu did sweep though the house a couple times, leaving me unscathed both times), our house didn't burn down, no one was laid off, Man of the House and I didn't get a divorce, nothing like that.  Lots of the good stuff of life happened, though, and I just never found the time to blog about it.  I've been busy teaching, homeschooling, traveling, celebrating, working, playing, reading, conversing, praying, planning, and learning. 


I know, I know, the angle is all wrong and I cut off her dad's head, but just focus for a minute on the gorgeousness of this baby!

Serious but sweet!  (I made that toy! :-)  )

We bought this headboard on sale at an antique shop last summer.  I spray painte…

Checking In . . .

Hello!  For various reasons I haven't posted in two months, but I am hoping to re-enter blogland more consistently in the future (hope springs eternal!).  My reasons for disappearing are not serious, but it's just that blogging kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list, after Christmas shopping, Christmas celebrating, traveling, teaching, studying, Girl of the House's birthday, and myriad other things.  But I'm going to try again.  I want to make a mega-catch-up post in the near future, but in the meantime, you can enjoy this picture of Girl of the House and Sweet Pea reading together:

If you're still out there, pop by the comments and let me know! :)

More later!