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The Hidden Art of Homemaking, Chapter 1: The First Artist

I'm joining Cindy of Ordo Amoris as she leads a book club through Edith Schaeffer's The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  I first read this book as a young newlywed in the late 1980's and have revisited it several times since then.  Hidden Art has shaped the way I think about homemaking and just how important it is to a family's well-being.  Through this book I began to see homemaking as so much more than the drudgery modern feminists make it out to be.  Not only is it important, it is creative

[Man] was made in the image of a Creator, and given the capacity to create--on a finite level of course, needing to use the materials already created--but he is still the creature of a Creator. (p.24)
Man, because he is limited, has a very limited choice.  He is limited by time, as well as talent.  He is limited by the resources at his disposal as well as in the skill to use what he has. (p.25) 
The thread that runs through these two quotations from the book is that of limitations. …

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 28, 2013

Wow, what a whirlwind this week has been!  Nothing drastic or life-changing happened, but it was just an accumulation of lots of little things that needed time and attention.  This weekend has been a swirl of social activities (two dinners with friends~ one of them at our house~ and lunch with another after church today).  For an introverted family, that is quite a lot of activity, but introverted ministry families often have to step outside themselves for the sake of the flock. :)

The end result is that I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, but I did take some of my new china cabinet in all its fullness and glory . . . emphasis on fullness.  In fact, I couldn't fit in everything I wanted to, but I am so happy to have a space for all the pretties that had been packed away for nearly two years.  Seeing them again was like seeing long lost friends!  So now for the full reveal . . .

{Pretty} and {Happy}

I feel so blessed and loved by God through this china cabinet!  That'…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 21, 2013

This week I have only {pretty} and {happy} and I can't really even decide what to put where, so let's just call it all {pretty} and {happy}

{Pretty} and {Happy}
Hannah finished a baby quilt for her cousin (my nephew) and his wife who are expecting a little girl next month.  It's darling!  She is becoming quite an accomplished quilter, and who wouldn't want a handmade quilt for their baby?

Don't let the sunshine fool you; it's still unseasonably chilly here in Illinois.  Despite that, the daffodils are finally blooming.  I love this miniature variety!

When you're a pastor, people give you things.  A parishioner who was recently widowed and is now moving to a retirement community is downsizing out of necessity, and she wanted Dave to have a chair bought for her husband not long before he died.  A sweet gesture of appreciation!  While there, we ended up buying a beautiful china cabinet she no longer needed.  She didn't ask nearly enough for it, and though w…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 13, 2013

Gosh, it's been three weeks since I posted!  That's because Dave and I were at a regional conference for our denomination (The American Association of Lutheran Churches) and then on the way back I got dropped off for a few days in West Virginia to visit my granddaughter and her parents. :)  I have a bit of catching up to do.

Of course, you knew I'd post a picture of Arane for {pretty}. Don't you think her mother is equally pretty? :)
{Happy} Arane is a very happy baby in general.  She loves her toys and is good at playing by herself, and she rarely cries or fusses.  

It makes me happy to see how happy Lizzie and Justin are together.  They work as a team and take care of each other, and now to top it all off, they have Arane too! :)

As with much of the country, spring has been late here, but we had a couple days before Easter that were warm and sunny.  So Hannah spread out a blanket and her books and took advantage of it while it lasted because . . . {Real} . …