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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ February 28, 2016

Unless I crash and burn within the next thirty-three hours and twenty-one minutes, I managed to get through February without falling into the doldrums.  Yea for me!  It may be because winter has been mild or because I've been very busy or because there has been extra sunshine, but for whatever reason, it happened.

{Pretty} and {Happy}
A welcome sign of spring~

The daffodils are up and will soon be blooming, especially if this 70-degree warm spell continues.  In two weeks, pansies will be in the stores, and that will mean spring has officially begun.  I love sweet pansies!
For over a year I have been planning to do a collage of family photos on a wall of our bedroom.  I finally finished amassing the photos and frames (some of which were fine as they were, some needed to be bought and others painted) and got them hung yesterday all by me onesie.  The silhouettes are of my two girls, done years ago by a man from Russia or a former Soviet satellite, judging by his accen…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ February 18, 2016

Look at this!  I'm joining Like Mother, Like Daughter on time for once!

Leila suggested we share our desks for this week's {phfr}, so here's my contribution.  I've already shared my new workspace a couple weeks ago, but here's a quick pic to jog your memory.  

It's just a dining table and two chairs, but it's great for spreading out my books and papers as I prepare for my classes, pay bills, or whatever.  I love the way it looks and it is consistently tidy, but that's because I don't actually keep any of my "desk stuff" on it.  This is where I keep that~

And I'm using the word "keep" in its loosest possible meaning because it is really too strong a word for what happened here.  "Keep" denotes forethought and purpose, neither of which went into the decision (again, loosely interpreted) to stow things on this little table when we were unpacking over a year and a half ago.  The table itself I love.  It was my mother-in…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ February 7, 2016

Joining in the fun with Like Mother, Like Daughter.

After a few days of murk and gloom, the sunshine is even more welcome than usual, don't you think?  The evening light in our dining area one day last week was especially bright and warm.

And today there was rosy sunlight against ominous clouds as the sun began to set.

Hannah turned 19 on Thursday!  Her birthday dinner request?  KFC and Fazoli's breadsticks!

My $2.50-on-clearance amaryllis bulbs were not exemplary this year.  They didn't get very tall, but they did seem to put all their energy into producing enormous blooms. . . which are pretty bedraggled. Alas. At least they are a shot of color, very much needed at this time of year.

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