Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In the Canner

This is our first successful garden since moving to Missouri in June of 2014.  That year, it was too late to do anything, especially considering that we needed to build a raised bed before we could begin.  By last summer, we had the bed built and ready.  We planted some things, but the the second half of spring and the first half of summer were so rainy and cool that hardly anything grew.  What did grow tended to get eaten by deer.  We needed a fence, but my husband's broken wrist meant one was not going to be built.  We got a total of four tomatoes from many plants and also a few carrots and beans.  Fast forward to this year, things are going much better.  So we got out the canner to process some of the bounty.  Here are the first of the tomatoes, which we diced~

These carrots did not come from the garden.  The grocery store had five pound bags marked down to 50 cents, so I picked up two and Dave and I set to work canning them.  He helped with the scraping and cutting, which really sped up the process!

These will taste so good this winter!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bloggy News

So sorry to have gone AWOL for two weeks.  It was not intentional.  The first Sunday I missed turn out to be so full that I ran out of time, and the second Sunday, the fine gals at Like Mother, Like Daughter didn't do {phfr}.  And it seems that {phfr} is no more, alas.   I saw it coming, didn't you?  Fewer people seemed to be joining in, and even the LMLD ladies were no longer following the template.  And then there was the missed week . . .

What that means for me is that I am going to try to post more frequently, though posts will probably be shorter.  What I liked best about {phfr} is that it gave me the impetus (including a firm deadline!) to compose a summary of the week and get it up on the blog already.  But all things must change, and so I'll give this new plan my best shot.  So here goes . . .

Every Friday I go to my daughter's house to "do preschool" with my granddaughters.  We do a craft (thank you, Pinterest!), read some books, sing some songs, play outside, maybe do another learning activity with numbers or letters.  This week, we made fire-breathing dragons!  (We followed these instructions.)  They turned out so cute and the girls really enjoyed blowing into them.

Arane (pronounced AIR-uh-nay)


Verity was a little confused about the blowing part.  I'm so glad to have Elizabeth and family nearby now.  (They moved here in March.)  I love being able to be a regular part of the girls' childhood and to help in their upbringing wherever I'm useful.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 3, 2016

We've had nearly seven inches of rain since it started raining on Friday.  Our pond which on Thursday was very low is now very high.  We needed rain, but maybe not this much . . .


Last week, the AALC held its biennial convention on the campus of the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN.  The campus is beautifully situated and meticulously kept!  A sample~

Though unconfirmed, this fountain must be
reminiscent of Moses striking water from the rock.
Entry into the chapel

The chapel was beautiful and awe-inspiring, as were the divine services held there.  Worshiping in spaces that witness to and confess the beauty and awesomeness of God is like eating from the good china.  The food may be the same and may be just as nutritious, but it will taste better and the meal will be more uplifting because of it.  

One of a series of Stations of the Cross bas reliefs in the nave


My husband completed his seminary degree (an M.A. in theology, which is his second master's~ the first was in classical languages) and received his final ordination.  It was a big day for him!  We are both happy he reached these milestones.  

Receiving his diploma from the seminary president
Receiving his ordination

During breaks and off-hours, Dave and I manned a table promoting Wittenberg Door, the campus ministry Dave is working to establish at the university.  People at the convention were very encouraging and receptive of the idea of Wittenberg Door. Now that seminary is over, he will be able to devote more time and energy to reaching out to college students with the Gospel.  The article Leila posted at Like Mother, Like Daughter spells out clearly some of the hurt and confusion young people are living with today due to the effects of the sexual revolution.  Please pray with us that God will use Wittenberg Door to bring forgiveness, healing, and wholeness to lost young men and women.


{Funny} and {Real}?

One of the roofers at the college paused in his work to send a text.  The way the workers would blithely walk back and forth on the ridgepole made my heart stop!


Visit Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {phfr}!

Catching Up

Lake Michigan--gorgeous! It really has been two months since I last made a blog post!  This summer has been full of traveling, gardening...

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