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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 27, 2014

Thanks for stopping by!  This {phfr} will mostly be of a masculine nature because I am heavily dependent on my husband's pictures this week.  So think of this as {phfr} through the eyes of a man.

What could be prettier than a brand-new chain saw?  The old one was dead and unfixable, alas, and with acres and acres of trees on the property, it's a necessary tool.  I guess Dave felt the same thrill buying this chainsaw as I did buying a new sewing machine. :)

Here's some of what he's done with said chainsaw.  There will be no shortage of firewood this winter, which makes us all happy.  Our last house didn't have a fireplace, and boy, did we miss it!  I am looking forward to lots and lots of fires come cold weather.  There are many more trees to come down, so the fun of using his new toy . . . er, I mean . . . tool is not over.

I found this bear in a bag in a cupboard when I was organizing the sewing room.  There was some debate between Dave and hi…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 20, 2014

Let's dive right in, shall we?

{Pretty} and {Happy}
I have such trouble separating the {pretty} from the {happy} each week, and today I'm not even going to try.  Beauty gives me joy, which isn't exactly the same thing as saying pretty things make me happy, but we'll just go with it, okay?

We are still getting settled in to our new living space.  Each day we make a little more progress.  I think the major tasks in the house (as opposed to the garage, yard, etc.) are completed.  We are now down to finishing touches (assuming a house can ever be really finished. . .) and soon I will be able to show pictures.  But here is a preview:

The flowers are from the property and include horsemint, phlox, Queen Anne's lace, and black-eyed Susans, plus some sort of grasses.  I do like wildflowers, don't you?

Last week, Dave was at the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education conference on the campus of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  The Concordia campus is so pre…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 13, 2014

Joining Rosie at Like Mother, Like Daughter for {phfr} . . .

It's July, so of course, I have pictures of flowers.  My in-laws always encouraged wildflowers on their property, and now we are reaping the benefits.  The first is the ever popular black-eyed Susan (though Dave says they are brown-eyed Susans.  Is this a legitimate difference?  I don't know . . .)  I'm not sure what the second one is.  It's rather thistle-like, isn't it, but I don't think it is a true thistle.  Maybe we should ask Eeyore.

In the midst of the big events this spring, some pots of half-filled with soil were left on the deck underneath the bird feeder.  At first, we just left them there because we were busy with more pressing things and hadn't gotten around to moving them yet.  Then we noticed sunflowers were sprouting!  The messy birds had scattered some seeds and they took root.  So now, thanks to the birds, we have four pots of beautiful sunflowers smiling at us from outsi…

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 6, 2014

We are still in the process of settling into our new quarters.  This week I tackled the books (which was no small undertaking, let me tell you!).  I really want to show you the house, but it is far from ready.  Moving into a house that still has all the contents of the previous tenants completely intact means that before we can unpack any particular box or arrange any particular room, we first have to go through what's already there. (By way of reminder: we are living in my in-laws' house after the death of my father-in-law and my mother-in-law moving to assisted living.  We moved here to be near her.)
Anyway, on to the pictures!

About a month ago, I shared some pictures of paintings and a hooked rug hanging in the house that were made by Dave's maternal grandmother.  His maternal grandfather, Luman Kelsey, was likewise an artist~ a painter, sculptor, and potter.  There are so many of his pieces here that I can't show them all, but I'll share a few favorit…