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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ December 20, 2015

So sorry to have disappeared last week!  A relative, for whom Dave and I are the sole caregivers, went to the hospital with pneumonia.  Thanks to modern medicine and God's mercy, the illness was quickly subdued and all is well again.

In this post, I showed you the conservatory we had painted in October, but I haven't yet showed you the completed "gallery" of paintings by Dave's grandmother, Dorothea Storey Kelsey.  Besides three in the living room, we gathered all her paintings in our possession into this one space, and I love it.

 The cellist in the middle is Dave's father, Carleton Spotts, who was the cello professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia for 34 years.  The three portraits on the right are of Dorothea, her husband Luman, and their daughter (Dave's mother) Sylvia.  The portrait over the organ is also of Luman.  I am very pleased with how this turned out and I am finally beginning to like this room. :)

We had a gathering at …

{Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real}~ Living Advent at Our House (December 6, 2015)

Like Mother, Like Daughter has been talking Advent lately, so here is my humble contribution.

Our Advent observations are pretty simple.  Neither my husband nor I grew up with Advent observations in the home.  Heck, my husband didn't even have much by way of Christmas celebrations growing up.  For the first two decades of our marriage, we wandered around broad evangelicalism, which looks askance at anything liturgical, except for Christmas and Easter (and some Calvinists don't even recognize Christmas).  For nearly the past decade we have been at home~ very much at home~ in confessional Lutheranism and have grown in our appreciation and love for the liturgy. Every year, I think, we do a little better job observing Advent.

Our Advent wreath~

You can't really see it, but it's on a cake stand, which makes it easy to move around.  I saved last year's candles and am using them again because I'm frugal like that, but I'm beginning to be afraid …