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Girl of the House~~Homeschooling Plan for 8th Grade

I've noticed that a lot of homeschooling bloggers post their kids' homeschooling plans for the year, so I thought I'd do the same. I'm only homeschooling one since Girl Out of the House graduated last year, though she was pretty much independent the last few years and managed her on-line classes herself for the most part. So here's what Girl of the House will be up to this year:

Ancient History and Literature~~Since Man of the House is a classicist by trade, he is heading this up and, in fact, much has already been accomplished this summer. They started with Hesiod's Theogony followed by a couple Homeric hymns. Then it was off through Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, which they finished a couple weeks ago. Last week they had fun with a few fellow homeschoolers reading through Aeschylus' Oresteia. Three days, three plays. As unlikely as it sounds, they all had a great time and are getting together next week to read Sophocles' Theban plays. After Sop…

Even More Summer Reading

Summer is winding down and so is my summer reading, though I won't be starting school (teaching online as well as homeschooling) until after Labor Day. I think I can still squeeze a few more titles in. Here's the most recent line-up:

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien~~A re-read. I'm embarrassed and sorry to say that I did not read The Lord of the Rings trilogy until I was in my 30's . . .ahem . . . mid-30's. For shame. But I think I'm making up for lost time by re-visiting these wonderful stories every few years. Is it okay that I'm listening to them instead of reading them? I love Rob Inglis' narration. My favorite character from the trilogy and maybe from all of literature is Samwise Gamgee. "Frodo wouldn't have gotten very far without his Sam." As heroic as so many of the characters are, I contend that Sam is the real hero of the story. Tolkien's love of the common man shines through in his sympathetic portrayal…

New Header

Girl of the House created my new header! Isn't it cute? She knows what I like!

ETA: I should have said earlier that the previous photo in the header was taken by Girl Out of the House and is one of my favorites of hers. Credit should go where credit is due! :-)

My New Quilt and House Tour--Bedroom

I know, I know~~I said I would next show you Man of the House's office, but I wanted to show you my completed quilt and it just made sense to do the rest of the bedroom at the same time. So without further eloquence (The Quiet Man fans get the reference), here it is! Ta-da!!

Here's a close-up so you can see my mistakes. ;-)

Yes, that is Little Red Riding Hood, Puss 'n' Boots, and Jack and the Beanstalk you see. Girl of the House made a quilt with adorable fairy tale fabric, and I loved it so much I used the scraps in my quilt. You're never too old for fairy tales!

I decided to make this quilt because I didn't like the prices I was seeing on all-cotton ready-made quilts. While I did have to buy some materials, I also used up a lot of leftovers from other projects and worn-out clothing, which means it's full of memories. I also didn't want an artsy quilt created with coordinating fabrics and a fancy design; I wanted it to be more like what my grandmoth…

Exciting Day

Earlier this summer, Man of the House was approved as a Rostered Licensed Lay Pastor by the American Association of Lutheran Churches. That means he will (hopefully!) be placed to serve in a church under the supervision of another pastor until he finishes his seminary training, which should take several years. At that point he'll be fully ordained. Last week he filled in for a pastor on vacation. It was his first time to wear the "costume" and perform the divine service (what Lutherans call "worship"). Here's a picture of him in "full uniform":

Did you know there is symbolism in what a pastor wears? The clerical shirt is black to signify the sin of the wearer, but the alb (the long white robe) is white to show that the person's sins have been covered by the righteousness of Christ. The cincture (rope belt) is green to match the color of the current liturgical season, which right now is Pentecost. When Man of the House is fully ordained…

Quilting Update

Remember when I said I was going to make a quilt this summer, even though I have never done any such thing before? I figure if Anna and Leila can do it, I can too! So I've neglected this little blog in favor of cutting over 700 fabric squares and piecing them together. Guess what! The top is finished! I took Anna's advice and it really wasn't too hard. I'm a little nervous about the actually quilting and binding, but I can't quit now!

Because I wanted to use what I already had as much as possible, I used fabric leftover from other projects, and I even used a couple of Man of the House's old shirts, but I didn't have nearly enough, so I had to buy some. I did use up quite a few scraps, though. And I didn't worry too much about whether the fabrics matched, and I also didn't worry too much about the order I sewed them together either, so it turned out to be quite a colorful hodge podge.

Here's the top in all its glory:

So what do you think?