Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Plans

Last summer I spent just about every spare minute on my older daughter’s wedding preparations. It was fun and enjoyable, and I wouldn’t change any of it, but since Girl of the House isn’t likely to get married in the next three months, this summer is looking quite different. I’m foreseeing hours and hours of free time. Well, maybe not. But this summer I’m going to spend my spare minutes working on a scrap quilt and reading. I’ve never quilted before, but Anna has made it look so easy that I’m ready to give it a whirl. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m going to read. Somehow I’ve gotten it into my head lately that when I’m reading I should be doing something else, something More Important. Bah! I love to read, and during the schoolyear finding time is hard, but I’m going to read this summer and not feel guilty about it. I’ve bought a fair number of books in the past twelvemonth (don’t you love that word?) that I haven’t cracked, and that’s about to change. Just as soon as I get my classes wrapped up and Girl of the House’s year-end portfolio together, that is. We are leaving for a three-week tramp across the Midwest and New England soon, and it will be a perfect time to get started. I’ll keep you posted about that too.

Of course, there is a good chance we will be moving this summer, and if that happens all my eager plans may be a total wash-out. We shall see.

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  1. I do hope you get to read some of your books, and work on your quilting. The summers are so short, we really should enjoy every bit of it that we can.


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