Sunday, November 11, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ Nov. 11, 2012 (Master Bedroom Edition)

Given its small size, it seems a bit ambitious to call our room the "master bedroom," but since it is where the master and mistress of the house sleep, I guess it qualifies.  So I am joining Like Mother, Like Daughter's {phfr} master bedroom challenge.

Well, technically, I'm not.  I did not do a thing this week to make our room a better place, but I haven't yet shown it to you since we painted, and I will give you a peep at an upcoming improvement.


Here's what you see as you enter~

The walls used to be the color of cardboard.  Very dull and depressing.  I know that color, teamed with black and white, is all the rage, but I'd never get out of bed if I woke up to that.  We like more color, so Man of the House and I chose this blue to match a shade in the quilt.  It's a shade darker than I thought it would be, but it is a very pretty color.  Much better!

I made that quilt, by the way, the only one I've done.  Here you can see it in our old house and read a little about the process of making it.  My mother embroidered the pillows.  They look great with the quilt!  I'm still contemplating what to do on the wall above the headboard.  I'm thinking maybe a decal, similar to this one

Here's what you see on the other side of the room~

I am not in love with the dresser, though we've had it for twenty-five years, and it was not new then.  I laugh about it now because that's exactly the style of furniture that is in all the stores now.  Only ours is not in retro style.  It is actually the real thing!


This rocking chair . . .

. . . sits wedged into a corner, leaving barely enough space between it and the bed for us to get through, but there it remains anyway.  It's an old chair~close to two hundred years old, we think~and could use a coat of paint.  Man of the House's grandfather used to sleep in it while he was on call as a volunteer fireman many years ago.  It's a very comfy chair!  The afghan was made by my grandmother, and the pillow by my mother.  (You met her last week. :) )  That little corner contains a lot of family history!


We love the original Winnie-the-Pooh stories by A.A. Milne.  Our family conversation would be greatly impoverished without all the Pooh quotes laced throughout ("Tut! Tut! It looks like rain." "I must see Owl's sponge!  Oh, Owl, Owl, that isn't a sponge. It's a spudge!" "It's a useful pot to put things in." "'He's going round and round.' 'And why not? I like going round and round.'" "I'm a bear of little brain.")  When Girl of the House was small, her room was decorated with a Classic Pooh motif, and these are her bookends, only right now they are in our room because she doesn't want anything to happen to them in her . . . er. . .  shall we say, less than pristine room?

They are, of course, from the story where Pooh eats so much at Rabbit's house that he can't get out through the hole and gets stuck.  Notice the left side:

 (I apologize for the darkness of these photots.  It's an exceedingly dark corner for pictures!)


We bought this iron headboard and footboard at an antique shop.  All they needed was a quick scrub and a spray of white paint.  It did not take me long to do it last August, but alas, they have been in our garage ever since.  They are waiting patiently for Man of the House to have time to attach them to our bed.  He's a little busy to spend time thinking about beds other than falling into one at the end of a long day.  The bed and I can wait. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ Nov. 4, 2012

We have had a very busy and very fun time at our house the past couple weeks.  Girl Out of the House and That Boy were here visiting with their very adorable baby.  I was in grandma heaven!  Naturally, all of my pictures this week will be about their visit.


So many pretty things!  Here's just a sample~

Sweet Pea, of course.

Girl Out of the House bought these flowers!
Sweet Pea with her Grandpa
Girl Out of the House is lovely too!
Sweet Pea was very happy (and fascinated!) when Girl of the House practiced her viola~

She loved to swing with her daddy!

Sweet Pea's hair is in an awkward, Harry Potter-esque stage . . .
And she's not sure what to think about peaches! 

At the zoo~
My mother was able to visit too and meet her first great-grandchild. 
Four generations~
Join Like Mother, Like Daughter for more fun!

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