Sunday, July 27, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 27, 2014

Thanks for stopping by!  This {phfr} will mostly be of a masculine nature because I am heavily dependent on my husband's pictures this week.  So think of this as {phfr} through the eyes of a man.


What could be prettier than a brand-new chain saw?  The old one was dead and unfixable, alas, and with acres and acres of trees on the property, it's a necessary tool.  I guess Dave felt the same thrill buying this chainsaw as I did buying a new sewing machine. :)


Here's some of what he's done with said chainsaw.  There will be no shortage of firewood this winter, which makes us all happy.  Our last house didn't have a fireplace, and boy, did we miss it!  I am looking forward to lots and lots of fires come cold weather.  There are many more trees to come down, so the fun of using his new toy . . . er, I mean . . . tool is not over.


I found this bear in a bag in a cupboard when I was organizing the sewing room.  There was some debate between Dave and his brother as to whose bear this is and what his name is.  An appeal to a higher authority (their mother) settled the matter: He belongs to Dave's brother and his name is Pooh, appropriately enough.  Pooh has obviously been well-loved and has obtained the much coveted status of Real.  (If you don't understand the reference, then I refer you to The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.)

Pooh objected vehemently to going back in the cupboard, so now he is happily ensconced on a nearly-two-centuries-old stool by the fireplace whence he watches the comings and goings of our little household.  He tells me he heartily approves of the change of scenery. :)

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