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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 13, 2014

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It's July, so of course, I have pictures of flowers.  My in-laws always encouraged wildflowers on their property, and now we are reaping the benefits.  The first is the ever popular black-eyed Susan (though Dave says they are brown-eyed Susans.  Is this a legitimate difference?  I don't know . . .)  I'm not sure what the second one is.  It's rather thistle-like, isn't it, but I don't think it is a true thistle.  Maybe we should ask Eeyore.


In the midst of the big events this spring, some pots of half-filled with soil were left on the deck underneath the bird feeder.  At first, we just left them there because we were busy with more pressing things and hadn't gotten around to moving them yet.  Then we noticed sunflowers were sprouting!  The messy birds had scattered some seeds and they took root.  So now, thanks to the birds, we have four pots of beautiful sunflowers smiling at us from outside a dining room window!  This method of "gardening" is proving so successful that I think I will "accidentally" leave some more pots of soil in the same spot next spring!


I've been deep in the throes of cleaning out and reorganizing the laundry/sewing room.  I'm almost finished and will share pictures soon.  I found this little fellow in a cupboard, secured in a plastic bag along with a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit.  I knew right away it must have belonged to my husband or his brother.  There was quite a (friendly) dispute about the bear's identity and ownership (Was it Dave's bear, Shostakovich?  Or his brother's bear, Pooh?) which was only settled by appealing to the highest of authorities, their mother.  It is indeed Pooh.  Isn't he a sweet little guy?

This bear is definitely Real!


I hardly ever break things, but this past week I broke two things on one day!  So sad!

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