Sunday, July 24, 2016

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So sorry to have gone AWOL for two weeks.  It was not intentional.  The first Sunday I missed turn out to be so full that I ran out of time, and the second Sunday, the fine gals at Like Mother, Like Daughter didn't do {phfr}.  And it seems that {phfr} is no more, alas.   I saw it coming, didn't you?  Fewer people seemed to be joining in, and even the LMLD ladies were no longer following the template.  And then there was the missed week . . .

What that means for me is that I am going to try to post more frequently, though posts will probably be shorter.  What I liked best about {phfr} is that it gave me the impetus (including a firm deadline!) to compose a summary of the week and get it up on the blog already.  But all things must change, and so I'll give this new plan my best shot.  So here goes . . .

Every Friday I go to my daughter's house to "do preschool" with my granddaughters.  We do a craft (thank you, Pinterest!), read some books, sing some songs, play outside, maybe do another learning activity with numbers or letters.  This week, we made fire-breathing dragons!  (We followed these instructions.)  They turned out so cute and the girls really enjoyed blowing into them.

Arane (pronounced AIR-uh-nay)


Verity was a little confused about the blowing part.  I'm so glad to have Elizabeth and family nearby now.  (They moved here in March.)  I love being able to be a regular part of the girls' childhood and to help in their upbringing wherever I'm useful.

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