Sunday, April 21, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 21, 2013

This week I have only {pretty} and {happy} and I can't really even decide what to put where, so let's just call it all {pretty} and {happy}

{Pretty} and {Happy}

Hannah finished a baby quilt for her cousin (my nephew) and his wife who are expecting a little girl next month.  It's darling!  She is becoming quite an accomplished quilter, and who wouldn't want a handmade quilt for their baby?

Don't let the sunshine fool you; it's still unseasonably chilly here in Illinois.  Despite that, the daffodils are finally blooming.  I love this miniature variety!

When you're a pastor, people give you things.  A parishioner who was recently widowed and is now moving to a retirement community is downsizing out of necessity, and she wanted Dave to have a chair bought for her husband not long before he died.  A sweet gesture of appreciation!  While there, we ended up buying a beautiful china cabinet she no longer needed.  She didn't ask nearly enough for it, and though we got her to double her asking price, we still got it for a song.  I'm in the process of unpacking four boxes of china that have had to stay packed away for almost two years because I didn't have anywhere to put it.  (You may remember that our old house had three built-ins.)  I haven't quite finished, so I'm not showing you the cabinet yet, but here is some of the china I've uncovered.  It's so good to see these pretties again!  Come back next week to see everything in it's glory. :)

I feel tremendously blessed of the Lord to have found exactly what I wanted and at such a great price!

Join Leila for more {phfr} enjoyment!


  1. Hannah's quilt is lovely and I look forward seeing your china in your new china cabinet! I lots of tea cups (one of the same as yours above) and some other pretties that I actually use on a regular basis, but they are all put away right now as I wait to come across a china cabinet. I think it might be awhile!

  2. I hope you find a china cabinet soon! This one came out of the blue. :)

  3. Your patience certainly paid off! What fun! Great quilt, too. Thanks for joining!


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