Sunday, April 28, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 28, 2013

Wow, what a whirlwind this week has been!  Nothing drastic or life-changing happened, but it was just an accumulation of lots of little things that needed time and attention.  This weekend has been a swirl of social activities (two dinners with friends~ one of them at our house~ and lunch with another after church today).  For an introverted family, that is quite a lot of activity, but introverted ministry families often have to step outside themselves for the sake of the flock. :)

The end result is that I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, but I did take some of my new china cabinet in all its fullness and glory . . . emphasis on fullness.  In fact, I couldn't fit in everything I wanted to, but I am so happy to have a space for all the pretties that had been packed away for nearly two years.  Seeing them again was like seeing long lost friends!  So now for the full reveal . . .

{Pretty} and {Happy}

Dave and I picked out our china together when we registered before our wedding.  For a man, he sure had definite ideas about what he wanted! lol  After we chose it (it's Rothschild by Noritake), the clerk told us it was the most popular pattern that year.  My mother thought we should have chosen something English, and now I see her point, but we still love our china!  The Belleek mint tray was a gift from a very dear and generous friend who shares my love of fine china and knows of what she speaks.
I love the way the crystal and glassware sparkle and shine against the mirrored back of the cabinet!

Some of these cups and saucers are mine and some are Hannah's.  I remember receiving the one with the birch tree while visiting my Great Aunt Ethel in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, when I was nine-years-old.  Each of my sisters and I got to choose one from her extensive collection.  I still love mine!

One of my favorite Spode vases.  It's one of a set of three my mother gave me for Christmas one year.
My grandmother, who lived to be 96-years-old, began my milk glass collection with the pitcher and set of eight tumblers.  My mother has added to it over the years, most recently with the salt pepper shakers for our 25th anniversary last August.  I'm especially fond of the little two-handled cup.
Here it is in the corner near where Hannah's hope chest used to be.  We had to do a fair bit of shuffling of furniture in three rooms to make a home for everything!

A closer shot.
I feel so blessed and loved by God through this china cabinet!  That's because for a long time I've wanted a cabinet with curved glass, and I've also wanted a corner cabinet, but I never dreamed I'd have both in one piece of furniture.  Seeing it reminds me that the Lord delights to bless His children!

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