Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ Feb. 24, 2013

It's time for {pretty, happy, funny, real}!


I am probably the only person on the entire internet still posting Christmas pictures, but please bear with me.  I'm still catching up from my blogging hiatus. :-)

Man of the House and I made this nativity set for Sweet Pea and her family for Christmas.  I've had the patterns for years (ever since we made a set for ourselves).  I copied them onto card stock, colored them with plain ol' Crayola colored pencils, cut them out, and then we used spray shellac to make them adhere to 2x4 blocks of wood Man of the House cut to size.  They are just right for little hands to play with!



Girl of the House is a quilting maniac these days.  She has been churning out quilts at (what is to me) an astounding rate lately.  Last week she finished two quilts that she made for two elderly ladies at church who have been suffering from various ailments all winter.  You can see them here (the quilts, not the ladies!).  And here's one she made for her cousin who is having a baby in a few weeks. She made this colorful quilted wall-hanging for me Christmas.  Girl 2 also helps make quilts to be sent to poverty-stricken and/or disaster-ridden areas of the world through Lutheran World Relief.  One of these days she may make one to keep for herself. LOL  It makes me happy and proud to see the hard work and care Girl of the House puts into her quilting projects!


Man of the House's birthday was last week. He was given, among other things, a bottle of Wild Turkey and a bottle of Old Spice. He got a little confused about which one he should drink!

We were amused by something on the box of the Old Spice.  It's blurry, so I'll translate for you: "If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist."  LOL!


Yet another painting project in this house of the ugly colors.  Our camera does not do justice to the utter drabness of the walls in this room.  Imagine a washed-out mix of olive green, khaki, and gray minus any particle of light that might accidentally stray onto it through the windows.  Then you'll be close.  We were surprised that it took us less than a day to paint this room, which is being transformed into an actual sewing room!  It will be lovely to have a designated and organized place for sewing and keeping all the associated paraphernalia.  (Sometimes our living room looks like a fabric factory exploded!)  The room is now this color.  I will do a big reveal when I've finished going through boxes and bags and cabinets and organizing everything.  Stay tuned! 

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  1. I love the nativity set--very clever! H.'s quilts are lovely. I'm doing lots of quilt design in my head these days. Hopefully I'll have time this summer to make one of them a reality.


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