Sunday, February 17, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ Feb. 17, 2013

Can it really be time for {phfr} already??  Here goes . . .


Have you ever tried to take a picture of a black cat?  It's nearly impossible, at least for a point-and-click kind of photographer, such as I am.  He always comes out as a black, indistinct blob, but I thought just maybe since he was up against the white bedskirt and there was plenty of light that day, the results might be improved.  I was right!  I think he looks particularly handsome in this shot, if not exactly {pretty}.

This recently got replaced:

With this:

I did not love the brass and glass light fixture in the dining area.  It was hard to keep clean and smacked of the 1980's, but living in a parsonage means we can't just go changing things willy-nilly.  Besides, it still worked, which was its essential function, after all.  But one day I noticed the "candles" were quite scorched~ all black and brown~and one of the sockets kept blowing out light bulbs.  So we got the go-ahead to buy a new one.  Man of the House and I installed it one afternoon. (My job was mostly to fetch and carry and hand things up to him on the ladder.)  Despite my poor photography, doesn't it look a lot better? 


Last week I made a batch of homemade (and partially homegrown!) vegetable/beef soup.  We ate some, but I canned the rest, so now I have seven jars of homemade soup ready in the pantry for when we need a quick meal.  It satisfies me to know they are there!

As {happy} as my jars of soup make me, I'm even happier about this:

See the little flower bud there?  No?  Well, trust me, it is there!  The other bulbs are just beginning to poke their noses out, but the snowdrops are well on their way to blooming!  They are the earliest flowers in our garden, and once they appear, I know spring can't be far off.  The snowdrops mean the end of winter and the beginning of lots of garden work~ both flower and vegetable.  Which reminds me~ we need to get our seeds ordered ASAP!

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  1. Fatso looks like he's about to go cracker-cat. :P


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