Friday, February 8, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny Real}~ Mega Catch-up Edition (Feb. 8, 2013)

Lookee!  It's only Friday and I'm posting for {phfr}!  I'm going to make this a combination catch-up/phfr post in order to accomplish two things at once.

First of all, nothing bad happened to make me stop blogging for two whole months.  No one was seriously ill (though the flu did sweep though the house a couple times, leaving me unscathed both times), our house didn't burn down, no one was laid off, Man of the House and I didn't get a divorce, nothing like that.  Lots of the good stuff of life happened, though, and I just never found the time to blog about it.  I've been busy teaching, homeschooling, traveling, celebrating, working, playing, reading, conversing, praying, planning, and learning. 


I know, I know, the angle is all wrong and I cut off her dad's head, but just focus for a minute on the gorgeousness of this baby!

Serious but sweet!  (I made that toy! :-)  )

We bought this headboard on sale at an antique shop last summer.  I spray painted it in a jiffy, but it had to sit in the garage for six months before it could be attached to the bed.  Don't ask me why.  Maybe it took that long for the paint to dry?  Anyway, here it is fully installed.  Isn't it pretty?


Every year about this time I begin to crave flowers, don't you?  When I saw primroses at Aldi for $1, I had to buy one.  It cheers me up!  And on top of that, my African violet is blooming!

This next picture makes me very, very, very happy!  Sweet Pea loves being read to, even at six months old!  And Girl of the House has a wonderful lap perfect for storytime.

Sometimes I can hardly believe that my baby has a baby of her own!


Girl of the House made this for me for Christmas and I love it!  She made it entirely of scraps and fabric we had on hand and quilted it with thousands upon thousands of the tiniest stitches you ever saw.  She worked on it for months.  I love the jumble of colors and patterns!


For Christmas Day itself Man of the House, Girl of the House, and I were at home.  (Something about a Christmas Eve service followed by a Christmas Day service makes traveling 500 miles for Christmas difficult.)  But we left the next day for a week with Girl Out of the House and That Boy.  Girl 2 requested Christmas crackers and I found fun ones with tuned whistles inside and instructions for playing Christmas carols.  But alas, one of the pitches was missing (a defect), so whenever we got to that pitch, we hummed it . . . very badly.  It made for quite the hilarity!  (I guess you had to be there.)

A glamorous baby!
Girl 2 and I are enrolled in Man of the House's beginning Greek class.  Girl 2's 16th birthday was Monday and her grandparents sent her a Greek New Testament.  She was excited!  She couldn't wait to show her dad, and while watching them both ooooo and aaaaah over it I was struck by the delightful nerdiness of my family.



As I mentioned, we visited Girl 1 and her family for a week after Christmas.  Traveling at this time of year can be iffy, so we diligently and duly checked the weather forecast ahead of time, and it looked pretty good.  An inch or two of snow was predicted for the Indianapolis area, but pshaw! that wouldn't stop us!  So we set out bright and early Boxing Day morning for a 500 mile trek to the hills of Appalachia and were stopped dead in our tracks one and a half hours later by what eventually amounted to a foot a snow!  We sat at a complete standstill for four hours and never did see exactly what the hold-up was, though we could guess by the number of tow trucks passing us on the shoulder.  There is nothing more tedious or seemingly unending than being stopped on the highway and not know why or for how long.  *big sigh*  We eventually toddled our way to a hotel and hunkered down for the night, arriving a day late at Girl 1's house.  It took us all day to go two hours from home!  If the weather forecast had been accurate, we could have waited a day at home and saved a lot of aggravation (not to mention money) and arrived at the same time! 

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  1. I love the bed! Everything is just right the headboard, the quilt, and the beautiful pillowcases. Your daughter is a talented quilter. My Mom used to buy primroses every year in January, February. I can't ever find them around here. I have recently been to Aldi but no luck. I would have been thrilled to find them and what a great deal at $1!

  2. Thanks, softiesplace! I'm glad you visited. :)

  3. Beautiful baby and I love the quilts! LOL about the Greek NT nerdiness. I gave DS #1 a Hebrew and Greek Reading Bible for Christmas and he was thrilled!

    I'm so impressed with your learning Greek, btw. It's wonderful that you are working alongside H. Of course, having a Greek teacher for a husband helps a bit when you get stuck, I am sure. ;)

    I don't have time for personal study these days but I'm hoping to get back to Latin eventually and music, too, just for myself. In the meantime, I just keep reading as many books as I can squeeze into my life :)


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