Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Travels

Girl of the House, Girl Out of the House, and That Boy

We made a trip to the South Labor Day weekend to check up on . . . er . . . I mean. . . visit Girl Out of the House (aka Girl 1) and That Boy, who have been married a little over a year. That Boy graduated from college in May and has been diligently looking for a job ever since. The economy being what it is right now, that's been no easy task, but he landed one just this week. Hurray! Now I'll sleep better. ;-)

I'm new to being a parent of grown offspring, and what I've discovered is there is at least as much to worry about when they've grown and flown the nest than when they are still your direct responsibility. But it was reasurring to vist Girl 1 and That Boy. Their care for each other was evident. They are a well-matched pair, and I am confident that with the Lord's help they will do well.

I very much enjoyed seeing how they have put their apartment together. It's not a large place, but they've used every space well. There is beauty too, from the Fiestaware dishes on the table to the flowers on the patio to the photos in pretty frames on the walls. Oh, and the cat adds an element of homeliness (in the Tolkien sense) that only cats can.

The food was excellent and the fellowship delightful. I am confident that they are building on the only Firm Foundation. My mother's heart is content.


  1. Thank you for the compliments! I learned from the best, of course. :-)

  2. Also: What a very unflattering picture of me. Didn't you have a better one? =P

  3. That was the one on my computer. :P


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