Sunday, November 8, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ November 2, 2015

I took pictures this week!  Hurray!


We had some painting done at the end of October, which I will reveal little by little starting with the master bathroom.

As you know, we are living in my in-laws' house.  (My father-in-law died in 2014 and my mother-in-law, by her choice, is living nearby in a retirement facility.)  Their taste in colors was . . . shall we say. . . exuberant. The brighter and more intense, the better.  But, hey, it's their house and they liked it, so . . .  Nevertheless, we had the three brightest rooms painted to suit our tastes (with my mil's permission, of course).

Here is the best picture I could find to show you the wall color that used to be in the master bath~

That saturated red-orange was pretty intense, especially in such a small space.  Here's what it looks like now~

The blue is different in each picture, and in reality it's a little duskier too.  Oh, to be a better photographer!

Elizabeth made this wreath last summer for a housewarming gift.  The gray looks great against the blue!

New cabinet knobs make a difference too.  Half-price at Hobby Lobby!


We had visitors from two different quarters this week.  (This was after Dave was in St. Louis most of the week.)

First, Dean from the AALC national office came for dinner on his way from St. Louis to Kansas City.  Here, he and Dave are talking theology.  It's always a pleasure to spend time with Dean.

Dean (left) and Dave (right)
 And here are fellow Missourians and Potter's School teachers, Bill and Lisa.  It's a lot of fun when we get to meet in person folks we've known on-line for years!  Plus, they are a very entertaining couple!

From left to right: Bill, Lisa, yours truly, and Dave.  Photograph courtesy of Hannah

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