Sunday, October 11, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ October 11, 2015

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I love the angles of the autumn sun.  This is a little corner of our bedroom~

I love these plates.  I have a large collection of blue and white transferware, and these are some of my very favorites.  We've never actually eaten from them, though most of my collection is in actual use daily,  But I knew when I saw them that I'd be displaying them, not eating from them.  They are Spode and feature scenes from Colonial Williamsburg, one of my favorite places to visit.  Part of the fun of collecting these dishes is the hunt.  Whenever possible, we stop at antique shops and thrift stores to search.  Yes, I've found brand-spanking-new Spode plates at Goodwill for $2 each.  One day not long after Christmas seven or eight years ago, I stumbled upon these and grabbed them, even though at $18 each they were over my normal limit ($15 for a dinner plate), but I had Christmas money newly in my possession and . . . it was a matching set of three!  And Spode!  And Williamsburg!  I've never once regretted buying them nor spending almost my entire Christmas stash on them.


Such a gorgeous day yesterday!  Dave and I headed to Rockbridge State Park for a walk.  The leaves are turning, though without their usual brilliance because of an almost total lack of rain for the past two months.

But I forgot my camera and had to use Dave's phone, alas.

These next two pictures are of old logging/access roads.  We walked the first one a good distance.  Dave says that when he was young and there was less shepherding of people in the park, trying to keep them on certain paths and keep cars out, his parents actually drove the family car on it!  It seemed more like a wide path than a road to me, but they lived to tell the tale. So did the car.

This one particularly looks like something out of Middle Earth.  It makes me think of the path the hobbits took to Bree.


Sweet Arane with her sunglasses on upside down.  I love how children are so unself-conscious!

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