Sunday, February 26, 2012

Commitment to Loveliness Update

Last week I joined Emily at Charming the Birds from the Trees for her "Commitment to Loveliness." So how did I do? Update below ~

1) Pick out paint for the bathroom. I've been stumped about this bathroom since we moved here in June, but I think I've gotten myself unstuck by deciding to get a new shower curtain. I just couldn't reconcile the old one with the large swaths of white tile. And since Girl of the House only has vague recollections of the shower curtain before this one (which means it must be twelve or so years old), I decided it was okay to buy a new one. Here 'tis:

Now that I've made this decision, everything is beginning to fall into place in my mind. I'll share pictures when it's finished. So while I didn't pick out paint, I did get the ball rolling in the right direction. That counts in my book. :-)

2) Get started knitting new dishcloths for the kitchen. I've got one about half finished in pretty Peaches~n~Cream yellow. I did just say I'd get one started . . .

3) Move the box of Christmas dishes out of the laundry room into the garage. (Help required.) Man of the House did this for me (without help!) while I was gone last Monday. Thanks, honey! It's so nice to have it put away!

4) Write a thank you note on a pretty card for the lunch we enjoyed today with an elderly parishioner. (Spread the loveliness, yes?) Sent Thursday. Mission accomplished.

5) Attend Ash Wednesday services and contemplate the loveliness of the Savior. Said service duly attended, though I am sure I never contemplate Jesus as much or as well as I should.

Not bad, eh? I'd say it was a successful week as far as this is concerned. :-)

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