Sunday, February 19, 2012

Commitment to Loveliness

Emily from Charming the Birds from the Trees has designated next week as a "Commitment to Loveliness." She's invited other bloggers to join in, so here I am. This is a time of year when a little extra beauty goes a long way!

Here are five ways I hope to add a little loveliness to this week:

1) Pick out paint for the bathroom.

2) Get started knitting new dishcloths for the kitchen.

3) Move the box of Christmas dishes out of the laundry room into the garage. (Help required.)

4) Write a thank you note on a pretty card for the lunch we enjoyed today with an elderly parishioner. (Spread the loveliness, yes?)

5) Attend Ash Wednesday services and contemplate the loveliness of the Savior.

I will report back next week to share how it went.

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