Saturday, March 3, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ March 3, 2012

At last it is March, and no matter what the weather is doing, March is the beginning of spring in my book.


It is actually still light while I'm cooking supper now. Last week I ceased dinner operations long enough to snap a few pictures just as the sun was beginning to set. See the red tips on the tree? A sure sign of impending spring!


My tomatoes seeds have sprouted! These will eventually be transplated outside.

Another {happy} sight~ the 108 bulbs I planted last fall with Girl of the House's help have poked their noses out into the air to see if it's warm enough to come out and play yet. The snowdrops are on the verge of blooming. I can't wait to see all the bulbs in full bloom!

I don't have {funny} or {real} this week, but I do have {interesting}. Another sign of spring is that the turkey vultures have returned. I noticed them roosting in a tree across the street and a little further down the street. They seem to have made those trees their home.

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  1. 108 bulbs! How exciting! I hope to see them all blooming in another {p.h.f.r}. Your mention of the vultures reminds me that Friday when leaving work there were hawks flying all overhead. I have no idea of they were turkey vultures - maybe they were. Good luck with your tomatoes, too.


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