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A Teensy Rant (Or: Oh, No! Not Again!)

Yes, I'm going to rant again, but I'll keep it short.

When one attends a formal or semi-formal wedding, one should not wear cargo shorts. If the groom and groomsmen are in tuxes and the bride and bridesmaids are wearing formal dresses, cargo shorts are not in keeping with the nature of the occasion. Come on, fellas, at least put on a pair of dress pants and a polo shirt, for crying out load! Even that falls short, but cargo shorts?! I ask you!

At the wedding we attended Saturday I saw three ~ count 'em, three! ~ young men (er . . . excuse me . . . guys) wearing cargo shorts. Their mothers would have hung their heads in shame had they seen their progeny so attired for an occasion of such import. People, what you wear speaks volumes about what you think of the function you are attending and the people with whom you are attending it. It is not okay to wear to a wedding what you would wear to mow your grass. The two are not of equal import and do require different clothing. And I'm sorry to say that this plague of inappropriate dress is found not only among the young. I see middle-aged and elderly people doing the same thing in increasing numbers. The rampant casualness of American society is getting out of hand. You don't have to wear a suit to change the oil, but how about to a friend's wedding? Show some respect, for Pete's sake.

There. I feel better now. ;-)


  1. LOL - I just wore what I always wear to church.

  2. Agreed! Justin and I find that we're often overdressed for fancy stuff... lol. :) (Of course, jeans or sweat pants or even jammies are typical every day wear for us... but when we dress up, by gosh do we dress up! =P)

  3. you said: "People, what you wear speaks volumes about what you think of the function you are attending and the people with whom you are attending it. "


  4. Cap'n Salty, what you wear to church is always appropriate.

    Elizabeth, jeans and sweat pants are perfectly fine for working at home as you do. Your adored and respected mother never let you wear jammies all day, though. ;-)

    Debd, thanks!


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