Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ May 26, 2011


The landing on our staircase is one of the prettiest spots in our house. We bought the bookcase at an antique store for $30, and when we brought it home, I painted it using crackly paint. (Please don't judge too harshly ~ it was my first attempt creating this effect, and it is less than perfect. But since I was going for a distressed look anyway, I figured it didn't really matter. lol) The painting was given to us by a friend before she moved. See her signature in Korean in the lower right-hand corner? I think of her everyday because of this painting. The blue and white transferware is part of my vast collection. Not only do we eat from my collection everyday, various and sundry pieces are scattered through the house. One of my very favorites is the little bank on the first shelf. Isn't it sweet? The ginger jar was a gift from my mother, and Girl Out of the House and That Boy gave me the plate for Christmas last year. Both are gorgeous!

I also love the gothic cut-outs on the sides!


We've begun packing boxes for our upcoming move. These are in Man of the House's office, and now the bookcases are empty. Just two and a half weeks until Moving Day!

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  1. I like your little bookcase! - pretty color.

  2. Lovely pics of your bookshelf and transferware.:) I really LOVE transferware in any color really. Blessings with your move.

  3. Gorgeous! I think the crackling is wonderful.

  4. Beautiful bookcase! I love the color, too. I've actually been looking for a place in my home to incorporate that color.


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