Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Already

Whew, it's April already!  That means the redbud trees are blooming and the daffodils are just about over.  Dave and I have been hoeing in the vegetable and flower gardens in preparation for planting.  He's going to till once or twice still, and besides, it's too early to plant.  I did get some pansies into pots.  The allium are growing full speed ahead.  When they bloom, I'll share pictures.  They are absolutely stunning!

The grandkids have been here everyday for the past six workdays. It's always fun, but it's sooooo exhausting!  They'll be here tomorrow too, but then it's back to normal.  We've made crafts, baked cupcakes, played games, played outside (between rainstorms), fed the geese and ducks, worked in the garden, washed cars, sorted Hannah's buttons, watched movies, read books, had baths, been to church, ridden a carousel, eaten and played at Chick-fil-A, visited the baby chicks and bunnies at the farm store with Grandpa, been grocery shopping, laughed a lot and even cried a little, because that's life.  Here they are helping to clean house~

What sweeties!  We are so happy to have everyone together in the same town now.  It's been year since Elizabeth and her family moved here and it has been great.  Grandma duty has kept me busier than ever, but I'm thrilled we can offer more hands-on support and encouragement.


Hannah has been working hard on things for her Etsy shop.  She's got some really neat stuff, including Hamilton-related things, baby quilts, doll quilts, and some kitchen items.  The embroidered tea towels are exquisite!  Her prices are reasonable and the workmanship is excellent.  Check it out!

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