Saturday, September 17, 2016


I finished Hannah's quilt today at long last.  The binding gave me fits for awhile, but Hannah gave me some pointers and it went much faster and better.  It's kind of funny that she asked me to make her a quilt at all since she's a far more accomplished quilter than I am.  In fact, this is only my second quilt ever.  It is far from perfect, but as Edith Schaeffer used to say, "If you insist on perfection or nothing, you'll get nothing."  

I don't consider myself a quilter; I've just made two quilts.  While I really do appreciate people who make quilt after beautiful quilt with lovely, coordinated fabrics using fancy machines and gadgets, I'm more interested in plain ol' scrap quilts made with whatever is on hand.  Not that I used only scraps for this quilt.  I would have liked to have, but Hannah wanted a definite color scheme, so I bought a good part of the fabric.  But the fanciest gadget I used was Hannah's rotary cutter and mat to cut the border, which I could have done with scissors.  The rest was done with nothing but a pair of scissors, a ruler and pen, cardboard templates, straight pins, and my little Janome.  I enjoyed the challenge and creative satisfaction of making something useful and beautiful with limited means and resources.  Always more rewarding than throwing money at a project!

My meager sewing skills have been acquired through Youtube, websites, and trial and error . . . or maybe I should say blood, sweat, and tears.  Anyway, I'll be moving on to my next sewing project.  I wonder what it will be . . .

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