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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ January 31, 2016

It was suggested that for this week's {phfr} on Like Mother, Like Daughter that we all share pictures of our bookshelves.  The bookshelves in this house are the best and most abundant we've ever had.  Take a look~

There are books in every room of our house except the bathrooms.  A room without books is like a body without a soul. :)  This bookcase is in the dining area and houses the remains of our non-fiction collection from our homeschooling days and few fiction books that didn't fit on their designated bookshelf.  The rest were either gifts given directly to the girls or were later absorbed into their collections.  The purple notebooks at the bottom right are used to keep my classes for The Potter's School organized, at least the things that aren't kept on my computer.

These built-ins in the living room are why book storage is not a struggle in this house. I'm so thankful for these bookcases that are both sturdy and handsome! They house my non-fiction collection, favorite picture books, Hannah's overflow of both fiction and non-fiction, and our small collection of CD's and DVD's.

In a little hallway off the living room is this little bookcase I picked up for $40 several years ago.  Either it or the hallway needs to change color, and I think it will be the hallway . . . soon, I hope.  I keep the remains of our homeschooling fiction collection here.  Again, each girl had her own collection of fiction, so these are mine or were not claimed by anyone in particular.  I'm glad to still have some children's books available for grandchildren. 

In a cupboard in the craft/laundry room stashed with the emergency candles and bolts of muslin and batting are my cookbooks.  There was no place for them in the kitchen, so I put them here nearby.  Yes, we have three generations of BHG cookbooks!  The oldest and newest belonged to my in-laws; the middle edition was a wedding gift to Dave and me.

I forgot to take pictures of my craft and sewing books, alas!

This sweet bookcase is from my in-laws.  I don't know anything about its origin or age, but I know it's old.  Besides a few photo albums and scrapbooks, I keep my "household" books here~ books about decorating, gardening, brewing, architecture, and the philosophy of homekeeping, one of my favorite topics!

This bookrack sits on my desk and holds my TBR pile.  The book on the left is my commonplace book, and the book of Psalms and prayer book, which is barely visible, get (almost) daily use.

I believe my father-in-law made this plain but sturdy bookcase, which resides in our bedroom.  It holds his Grove's Dictionary of Music from the 1950's and my fiction collection.  The blue and white Madonna and Child on the middle shelf was made by Dave's grandfather, Luman Kelsey.  

My favorite bookends ($12 from Kirkland's ages ago) hold more TBR books (except The Teacher's Funeral, which I have read [and laughed over!] numerous times.  I'm not sure why it's in this spot, actually . . .).

That's piece of leftover slate from the floor that we use as a coaster.  Very handy!

This bookcase is in Dave's office.  It actually began life as my father-in-law's music rack, but Dave, primarily a theologian and teacher and secondarily a musician, is using it for his books.  The shelves were made to hold sheet music, not books, so they are bowing under the weight, but it does the job for now.

                  Sorry for the bad lighting.  I couldn't get into the office to take pictures until after dark. :(                     

Dave also has hundreds of volumes on his e-reader.  I am not personally fond of such devices, but I was thankful for his when it was time to move!  I don't use e-readers, but I do listen to audio books and have quite a collection in my Audible library.

Not shown~ Hannah's hundreds of books in her room.  Besides one two-shelf and one three-shelf bookcase, she has stacks of crates, mostly the kind sold at Michael's, for her books.  And of course, Elizabeth took her books with her when she got married.

So there you have it~ our family library!

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