Sunday, January 3, 2016

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ January 3, 2016

Happy second Sunday after Christmas!  I love it that there are two Sundays in the Christmas season this year.  That means lots of time to sing Christmas hymns. :)

I'm going to share a montage of Christmas photos without a lot of explanation and without trying to divide them into {phfr} categories.  Each has a bit of all of them.

Our tree at home

Dave, Hannah, and I enjoyed Christmas together at home~

I later realized that all the pictures I took of Hannah are with her in her pajamas, and
since I don't think she'd appreciate me plastering my blog with those pictures, I'm just
sharing one rather discreet one.  We gave her a coloring book for grown-ups and she
loved it!
Our church's nave on Christmas morning.  Beautiful!

We spent almost a week in West Virginia with Elizabeth and her family.  So much fun!

Verity is 16 months old!

Guess who?

Elizabeth, Verity, Arane, and Justin

Story time

Is there a child alive who doesn't like to have a ride in a laundry basket? lol

Arane is three and a half.  I'm not sure when that happened . . .

We took so many group photos because in almost all of them, one or both
of the kids were wiggling and therefore blurry.  We were lucky to get even
one of  picture with us all relatively in focus!

Verity wasn't sure what to think of the pop! from our Christmas crackers, but
she enjoyed the crown.

A portable doll bed I made for Verity

This picture is of my mother-in-law, Sylvia, and her hot-off-the-presses book of poetry.  She has written poetry for most of her adult life, and some friends and family gathered 400 of them (more or less) into a professionally designed and produced book.  Here she is on Christmas Eve with her brand-spankin' new copy.

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