Sunday, January 10, 2016

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ January 10, 2016

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{Pretty} and {Real}

We had our first significant snowfall Friday night/Saturday morning, which made the birds flock to our feeders.  I counted eight male cardinals and, I think, eight corresponding females yesterday morning.

The most I could get in one shot was five.

The males jockeyed for position all day.  They were pretty ruthless about it and totally lacked chivalry.  They chased the females away with the same ferocity as they chased each other.

Males and females alike positively ganged up on birds of other species.

"This purple finch has got to go!"

Those who didn't come out on top resorted to eating from the ground.

I think this striking orange cardinal is a male.  I've never seen one this color before!

Non-cardinal birds enjoyed our other bird feeder.

Watching birds at the bird feeder seems idyllic on the surface, but their complete lack of concern for each other, even their mates, reminded me again of the reality of the Fall.  "Go ahead and starve," they said to each other.  "This is my food!"  I've known some people who hold idealistic views of nature and the nobility of the animal spirit, but they are wrong, and it's because of sin that nature is bloody and merciless.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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