Sunday, September 21, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ September 21, 2014

Hello, autumn!  I do so love you after the hot and humid days of summer.  I love your deep blue skies, your crystal clear air, your tangy mellowness.  Won't you please stay awhile?


I just happened to have my camera with me as I was crossing the uphill side of the yard after a trip to the compost pile when I really noticed for the first time how attractive the house is from that angle.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much natural beauty and to be living in such a pleasant place!


The dead tree that fell into the pond years ago has proven a popular spot with herons, geese, and, this week, turtles.  They are {happy} to climb on it and catch some rays in the cooler weather.

I took this picture from our deck using the zoom.


Remember the squirrel from a few autumns ago who provided great amusement by "hiding" his half-eaten apples all over the place?  Well, the squirrels here are not as amusing, but Dave and I do enjoy finding piles of nut shells on the deck railing and even on top of the mailbox!

The black walnuts are profuse around here.


It is impossible to keep to the cobwebs down to an acceptable level here.  This one is kind of pretty, though, and is it close to enough to Halloween that I can claim it as a decoration? 

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