Sunday, April 27, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 27, 2014

Joining Leila and daughters at Like Mother, Like Daughter.


Flowers!  Sunshine!  Warm(ish) weather!


Lots of {happy} to share.  We visited Elizabeth, Justin, and Arane just before Easter.  That always makes us happy!

I'm always happy to see how well they are doing together, these three (and one on the way!).  Have I said how much fun it is to have grandchildren?  It is!  Oodles and oodles!

Playing with Mommy

Arane is very happy about receiving chocolate.  She thinks "Poppa" is the source of all her Easter goodies this year! I don't get any credit. lol

The Harry Potter stamps in Easter baskets were a big hit with the older "kids."

Hannah opening her Easter gifts


Stickers on noses were a great source of toddler amusement.  (Stickers courtesy of Great-grandma.)


I moved the butter dish away from the slow cooker so the butter wouldn't melt.  Smart of me, eh?  But I moved it to the top of the stove and forgot it was there, so that when I later used the stove, the butter melted.  Not so smart of me, was it?

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