Saturday, April 12, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ April 12, 2014

I missed posting last week, didn't I?  There's been rather a lot to think about and deal with lately, and I just ran out of time.  But, ah, well, here I am now! :)

{Pretty} and {Happy}

I combine these two categories often because pretty things make me happy, like these flowers~

After a long, hard winter, the crocuses have finally come up and the stores finally have pansies. These two things don't normally happen in the same week (the crocuses come first), but spring is late, so everything is delayed.  In the crocuses' hurry to catch up, they are overlapping with the pansies.  This wagon is doll-sized.  Hannah used to give her dollies rides in it, but she's long since outgrown dolls and I've been using it for flowers for several years.  It will all look better in a week or two when they've had a chance to fill out.


More pictures of robins!  Hurray!  After all, it's been three weeks since I posted any. ;-)

Last week, we had a hailstorm and this little guy (gal?) sheltered under the bush just outside our living room window for the duration.

He didn't know he was being spied on!


These squirrels sat on our branch for quite some time (by squirrel standards) engaged, I'm sure, in some sort of squirrel courtship ritual.  Maybe it was their first date?  Or maybe Mr. Squirrel was popping the question to Miss Squirrel?  Alas, we'll never know . . .


We took a short road trip last week to visit family in mid-Missouri, and we drove into this:

Photo taken with a tablet.

We could see the storm for miles before it collided with us, but there was nothing we could do except slow down when it hit.  It was short but powerful!

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