Sunday, August 11, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ August 11, 2013

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Hannah's latest creation, a combination table runner/hotpad.  Isn't this cheery on the breakfast table?

{Psssst! You can visit Hannah's Etsy shop (to browse or to make this your very own!) by clicking on the icon in the sidebar. ---------->}


Lots of peppers from the garden, in fact more than we can eat before they go bad.  So, I sliced and diced . . .
. . . and flash froze them and put them in bags for the freezer.
Here are the herbs I have dried so far.  The basil is so huge I cannot keep up with it.  So is the parsley.  The soil here is so wonderful that if a seed gets anywhere near it, it sprouts.


We set up a sewing room so our living/dining room would look less like a seamstress's shop, but sometimes the table in the sewing room is not big enough for Hannah's projects.  Her latest quilt falls into this category, and if you walked through our front door right now, this is what you'd see:
When she's not working, she covers the quilt pieces with towels so a certain cat, who is not supposed to be on that table anyway (!), does not rearrange the pieces. 
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