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Here is the world's easiest way to sew curtains.  Measure your window, cut your fabric accordingly, adding an inch for seam allowances, and sew up the seams so you have a big rectangle.  If the sides use the selvage, so much the better.  You don't even have to sew those (though this fabric only had one side finished, so I had to hem the sides).  Then get your handy-dandy husband to hang the decorative curtain rods you have already purchased, clip your curtains onto curtain clips, slide onto the rods and hang.  Easy-peasy!

This is the sewing room.

I really love this fabric and wish I had bought more of it when I found it on clearance.  I chose the wall color just so I could use this fabric for curtains.  Isn't it pretty?



Yesterday I made two big pots and put up seven jars of homemade vegetable/beef soup.  We even grew some of the ingredients ourselves!  It's so nice to have good homemade soup all ready for lunches or when we need a quick dinner.  Just add bread or grilled cheese sandwiches~ and voila!~ dinner is made!  We had enough leftover from the canning for supper last night and lunch today too.  I love killing two birds with one stone, and Dave and Hannah, both soup lovers, are happy to have jars of soup waiting on the pantry shelf.  So am I, come to think of it!

{Funny} and {Real}

We've begun harvesting carrots from our garden.  The carrots are abundant this year! Some of them are picture perfect . . . 

. . . and some of them look like something from the bottom of the sea.

Oh, well. They all taste great!

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  1. Your carrots are hilarious!

    Both the wall color and curtains are wonderful. The walls have a warm & rich look to them, lovely.


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