Sunday, July 14, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 14, 2013

I'm here and coming up for air.  In the past two weeks, Dave has been to Colorado with the church youth for a week, we had an outreach event for Independence Day, Hannah has been sick twice for a total of nine out of fourteen days,  Dave came home from Colorado sick, and we had VBS last week.  I'm looking forward to quieter days for awhile!  But such is life and we must go with the flow.


I've neglected to show photos since we re-did the bathroom in late winter.  It used to be painted stark white, but it was just too bright for what I wanted, so we painted it a white that leans just a little bit to eggshell.  It is amazing what a slight adjustment of color will do.  I love toile (it's like taking my beloved blue transferware china and applying it to fabric), so I was happy to have a place to use some in this house.

My {real} this week is the utilitarian soap dispenser you see there on the counter.  Until this week I had one I liked very much and that matched the toothbrush holder, but the pump part broke, and since handwashing is really a necessity in a bathroom, I replaced it *temporarily* with this one.
I bought these pictures at Aldi (yes, Aldi!) a long, long time ago for $6 each and I love them.  They have hung in a kitchen, multiple bedrooms, a hallway, and now this  bathroom.  With their double mats and wood frames, they belie their humble origins.

A blue toile bathroom is the perfect place for unusual transferware accessories.  Lizzie and Justin gave me the pretty pitcher on the right for Christmas, and I found the soap dish a month ago at an antique shop.  I've never seen another.  At first I thought I'd put soap or potpourri in it, but I just can't seem to cover up the pretty toile pattern!

(The toilet used to have fifteen or so pink heart stickers stuck all over it thanks to the prior family.  I used a magic eraser on them and within twenty minutes all gooey traces were gone!  Highly recommend method of sticker removal.)
So there was this big blank wall and I wasn't sure what to do with it.  After a little while of pondering I kept picturing some sort of metal scroll thingy hanging there, so when Hobby Lobby had this 50% off, I got it.  It looks good, don't you think?   

Considering that this is a parsonage and there are some elements we just can't change, I think this turned out pretty well. At any rate, it's much better than it used to be!

I rigged this clothesline in the pantry for drying herbs from the garden.  It's just twine and regular ol' clothespins.  I think it's quite pretty!


It makes me happy to see Hannah in the sewing room quilting away.  She's opened her own Etsy shop, and this quilt will be in there shortly.  All proceeds go toward her college education. 

Check out her shop here!
My funny this week was supposed to involve carrots, but Blogger has stopped cooperating, so you'll just have to be in suspense until next week.
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  1. I am positively jealous of your Aldi curtains!! Your bathroom IS pretty. These pictures confirm that your home is indeed Shire worthy.

    All 3 shower curtains in my house are toile. I have black, green and red.

  2. Thanks, Cindy! "Shire worthy" is indeed a compliment! :)

  3. Oh, your bathroom is so pretty! I adore toile and put it here and there as accents whenever possible. LOL about the soap dish. I received a beautiful one for my new bathroom and hated to cover up the flowers. I solved it by putting a wee miniature soap in so I can still see most of the picture and still wash my hands. :)

  4. A miniature bar of soap might be just the thing, Joy! I'll keep my eyes open for one. I *love* the lavender one Cindy Rollins has from France (she showed it on her blog).

  5. Oh, I do too. That is the kind of soap to decorate with rather than wash your hands. :)


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