Sunday, June 30, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ June 30, 2013

This week was definitely lacking in the picture-taking department, mostly because I've injured/pulled/wrenched my back and am somewhat immobile, though doing better.  However, I did get a few pictures before my mishap.


This is the view out of the window over the kitchen sink. It's a double lot (actually triple~the area behind the white fence to the left is also part of our yard), so you can see all the way to the street behind us.  Beyond that is a field of corn.  Some of our raised beds are in the middleground.  The big maple tree shades the swing set/climber, and Dave is going to make a picnic table to put under it. 

If you look a little to the right out of the kitchen window, you can see the patio.  Those are raspberries on the left, and boy, are they ever producing this year!  This is where we eat dinner, weather permitting.  We've planted climbing roses that we hope will get the idea to climb up the lattice and over the top.  Wouldn't that be pretty?  This is only their second year and they still have a long way to go!



While driving on a country road, I persuaded Dave to stop and let me pick some of the wildflowers.  A long time ago I used to teach preschool at a small country church, and I'd often stop on the drive home and pick black-eyed Susans like these.  

These are such sweet, simple, and wholesome flowers.  They speak to me of blue skies, country lanes, fireflies, starry nights, and all things summer.  And they last forever!  These are week old and still going strong!
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