Sunday, June 10, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ June 10, 2012

Joining the girls at Like Mother, Like Daughter . . .

{Pretty} and {Happy}

Here's a picture of Girl Out of the House taken about ten days ago at thirty-eight weeks into her pregnancy. 

The Big Day is this Tuesday, but we all know that babies come when they are good and ready.  Doesn't Girl 1 look {pretty} and {happy}?  We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first baby/granddaughter/niece (as the case may be)!

Speaking of the forthcoming grandbaby . . .  I decided to do a little sewing to welcome the little one.  When I want to sew something, I figure it out as I go.  I'm definitely a beginner!  I bought this pattern .  Notice is says "easy-to-sew."  "Ha!" she says in scorn.  Maybe it's easy for someone who already knows what she's doing, but for li'l ol' me ~ a bear of little brain ~ it was an exercise in mind-reading.  Why, oh, why aren't the instructions clearer?  Why, oh, why is it assumed that you already know what you're doing?  If it weren't for YouTube, I never would have gotten that zipper in!  But it's in, it works, and now I know how to do it.  Yea!  Many hours and ripped-out seams later, all three pieces are finished! And just in time!  I'm very {happy} with the end results and think it's {pretty}. 

Isn't the hat the cutest thing you ever saw?


I think it's mildly {funny} when Man of the House uses very old technology like a clay tavern pipe at the same time he's using very new technology like a Kindle.  (I took this unbeknownst to him through the front door window.)


I challenge you to beat our {real} this week.  In fact, I doubt anyone can top our {real} in all the vast history of {phfr}!  Because our mini-van was set on fire this week **on purpose**.  Yes, an arsonist used something flammable to douse the interior and set it on fire.  There were three separate explosions: one from the unknown flammable substance, one from the gas tank, and one from the tank of oxygen sitting in the back.  (All this happened in the middle of the night in the driveway of the person we had lent the car to so said arsonist could go on a burglary spree while the authorities were occupied with our burning car.)  Ol' Reliable has gone to where good, dependable cars go, and we will miss her.  Still, no one was hurt (though there was damage to our friend's house), and we are laying up our treasures in Heaven where moth and rust~ and fire!~ do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Pretty incredible, yes?


  1. And it exploded in the middle of the night and I woke up when Mom and Dad began moving around and didn't believe Mom when she said it exploded. I thought she was teasing.


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