Sunday, May 6, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ May 6, 2012

Lots to share today!

{Pretty} I made this skirt for Girl of the House this week following the same instructions I mentioned here. It's Girl 2's favorite design and since I've made at least a dozen of these, I can practically do it in my sleep. I hesitantly chose the fabric myself, and Girl 2 miraculously approved! Isn't it {pretty}?


We bought this patio set last weekend and Man of the House and his trusty sidekick put it together on Wednesday.  We've had dinner outside everyday since then.  In our previous house, the one with the postage stamp-sized lawn, there was no patio or deck or anyplace to put something like this.  We are {happy} to have it!

Here they are putting it together~

And here is Girl 2 with her vintage typewriter, Remy (short for Remington), getting set up for a writing session~

And here is the colorful brolly we got to go with it~


My father-in-law gave me reusable plastic bowl covers for Christmas last year, which I love because they really cut down on the amount of plastic wrap we use. (We call them "old lady hats" because they remind us of the plastic rain bonnets that elderly ladies use to protect their hair-do's from rainstorms.) They have to be washed and hung to dry, and we usually hang them over rinsed-out beer bottles that collect on the counter. (Man of the House is a brewer, remember?) However, last week I ran short of ready bottles, so I hung one on the teensy-weensy lemon tree that lives next to the dish drainer. Girl of the House thought it was {funny}, but I thought it made perfect sense!


Remember that tree or bush or whatever it is that I showed you last week and that I hoped was dead so we could cut it down?  Alas, it started budding this week . . . like the tree in Minas Tirith, as Girl 2 put it. 

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(P.S. Thanks to Girl Out of the House and Quotidian Life for advice on my formatting problems!  Your suggestions worked! :-)  )


  1. I didn't say it was funny! I said it was gross! :P

  2. Nice to meet you, woman :). I hope you're able to find Eloise Wilkin's We Help Daddy. Happy hunting.

  3. Lovely skirt - aqua & brown are so complementary.

    We also have & love the reusable bowl covers. I don't know why I cared about trying to co-ordinate kitchen counter accessories, since they're covered over by drying flowery plastic a good lot of the time. But the covers are so handy!


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