Saturday, January 21, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ January 21, 2012

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter . . .

My poor little blog has been neglected lately. I promise to try to post at least once before the next {phfr}!


I saw this idea in Gooseberry Patch's Christmas 13 and decided to try it with a little tweaking.

The instructions had you tracing and cutting snowflakes from felt, but I spotted pre-cut snowflakes in the dollar store and knew that would be so much easier and so much more likely that I'd actually get to it! Some of the snowflakes are foam (the package said they were coasters) and some are plastic with glitter. I used buttons from Girl of the House's button jar and nylon thread from our stash and regular ol' scotch tape to attach them to the window frame.

I had intended to make strings and strings of these to hang from multiple windows, but alas, this was all I could manage this year. It was a fiddly project that took more time than I thought it would. Still, I really like the results and decided to leave them up past Christmas.


I bought this hat for 50 cents at a yard sale this summer just knowing it would be perfect for the gag gift exchange we were planning for our Christmas party. It's very springy and unpredictable and got a great laugh at our party! It reminds me of something from a Dr. Seuss book.


I asked for a shoe rack like this for Christmas. My mom got this for me. I really like it except for the little fact that it won't fit in my closet! Humph! It's too tall to fit under my clothes, so I tried laying it on its side, but it wouldn't fit that way either. I'm thinking about what to do.

I put it together today with assistance from the ever so helpful cat.


  1. Ha ha - this is a cute post. Good luck with finding a spot for the shoe rack!

  2. Thanks for joining! I know you will find the right place for the rack. Kitty will help.


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