Monday, August 15, 2011

Update on That Dreadfully Ugly and Boring Corner of the Kitchen

Remember when I asked your advice about this little bit of kitchen dreariness? Here's what it looks like now:

Isn't it loads better? We painted the chalkboard right on the wall using chalkboard paint, but alas, when we pulled off the tape, some of the yellow paint came with it. I think we will use trim to create a frame and cover up those places. The blackboard paint was a breeze to use. We all started writing on it as soon as it was dry, just silly quotations and things. The shelf and china we already had, though I did paint the shelf black. We bought the "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign at Hobby Lobby for $14. What it is is a big sticker! It's sort of become our family motto. I got the clock at that big discount store that begins with a W that everyone loves to hate but is always full of customers. We set it an hour ahead of our time zone to correspond with the time of the internet school we teach for or take classes at, as the case may be. For ten years we lived in the same time zone as the school, but now we don't and we're all afraid we will get mixed up and go to class an hour late! Let's just hope we don't forget and end up everywhere else an hour early! lol

Look at the vintage cuteness of these tablecloths!

I got them at a yardsale for $2 each. They remind me of tablecloths my mom had when I was little.

The little basket is my one and only Longaberger basket (a gift from a friend). It holds chalk, an eraser, and our catechisms, which we review at dinner.

So what do you think? Much better, yes? We still need to replace two of the chairs. We actually already have two Windsor chairs; they just need to be painted. It's a good thing I like to paint considering how much of it I've done this summer! :-)

Up next on the room re-do list ~ the family room!


  1. I love it! I've been looking for that poster, we don't have Hobby Lobby here.

  2. Gorgeous. I really like that yellow and black. Very classy.


  3. I like it - it's not ugly any more!


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