Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ August 18, 2011

Joining the fun at Like Mother, Like Daughter once again this week.


Two days after LMLD's linky party about entryways Man of the House and I were at Lowe's (our home away from home lately!) and spotted this bench on clearance. Plus I had a coupon! We thought this was just what our new front porch needed. It does look nice, doesn't it? But now I think I need to move the cross! lol


Girl of the House makes me very happy. She's a hard worker and a delight to be around. She has adapted to our new town without a complaint and has really gotten into the swing of our new life here. She even asks to do schoolwork in the summer!


We were warned that the fruit on the apple tree in our backyard was not very appetizing, but we had to see for ourselves. When they began to turn red, Man of the House and Girl of the House gave one a try. They gave it a definite thumbs down. That's too bad, but the tree sure is pretty to look at!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is still working on the entryways!

    Can you make the apples into applesauce, I wonder?

  2. Instead of moving the cross, you could move the bench a little more to the left (facing the bench). Then you have the two items balanced rather than symmetrical. It is hard to tell how far to the left as I don't see the bench/cross from straight on, but I'd guess you could center the bench between the cross and the end of the porch. (of course that may crowd the entrance to the porch....)

    Either way - the bench looks great on your porch!

  3. too bad about the apple tree. What a bounty that could have been.

  4. I wonder, too, about applesauce. If the fruit is especially flavorless, maybe you could simmer them down a lot to concentrate the flavor?

  5. I love your bench! I think you should move the cross to the space on the left of it.

    Is it possible that your tree is a variety of apple that needs to be stored? I live in apple country, you know, and there are some like that. Pick a bushel and keep them in a cool place for a few months. In the winter, try them again. Some are "keepers" and others are too soft and sweet to keep!

    Love your pretty daughter!

  6. Thanks for the advice on the bench and applesauce, everyone! I think we'll have to try a few different porch arrangements to see what will be best. As for the apples, I had thought of applesauce, but Man of the House and Girl of the House both said the flavor was so bad that I thought applesauce wouldn't work. But I think I will try Leila's suggestion. Maybe they will improve with age!


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