Friday, July 8, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ July 8, 2011

I hope the good ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter, who host this feature, won't mind that I'm a day late joining in the fun. I just ran out of time yesterday to post.

{Pretty} and {Happy}

Except for a few finishing touches, the living room in our new house is complete! Man of the House and I hung the curtains yesterday, so now I'm ready to show you some pictures. Tell me what you think!

I want to get a wall decal to go over the piano. There are so many neat ones I'm having difficulty choosing! Also, the big wall in the dining area is still blank because I have to paint a shelf before it or anything else can be hung. We are also going to keep our eyes open for a china cabinet. In our old house, you may remember, there were built-ins in which I displayed my china. Most of it is still packed away until we have a place for it. The china cabinet will go where Girl of House's hope chest is, and the hope chest will go . . . who knows? We'll have to figure that out. And something more needs to be done about a centerpiece, but I lack inspiration at the moment. Any ideas?

The valances are Waverly's Imperial Dress Porcelain design. I spotted them one day at Lowe's and liked them immediately because it tied the blue/yellow color scheme together and also because the pattern echos the patterns of my china pieces. I hope to order some of the same fabric for new pillows and other accessories. I also want to get some tie-backs for the sheers so we can let in more light and so my stained glass hanging is more visible. I'll share updates as they happen.

We are really pleased with how this room turned out. We worked with what we already had, except for the valances (the sheers came with the house) and the cross on the wall. Otherwise, it's all our old things but rearranged. And of course, as I may have mentioned once or twice *wink*, we banished the dreary walls and painted them a sunny yellow. We were nervous using what was for us such a bright color, but we are really happy with it.

Thanks for touring our new living room!


  1. Cheery and cozy are two adjectives that come to mind when I look at your new living room. Our living room is a shade of yellow now--sort of Italian yellow--and I like it so much that we bought the same paint to paint our new living room--that will be happening soon.

  2. An eclectic mix of furnishings that works well together. :) I especially like the 1960's (?) door with the angled windows! I have had yellow living rooms in my past two houses and they do cheer things up.

    -Chris O.

  3. What a lovely room. Your stained glass is beautiful. It looks like a place to be comfortable and cozy all year long.


  4. I love all of it. Very pretty. I just love yellow. Such a happy color. I keep a plant on the middle of my dining room table. I am certainly no decorator (!) but some other ideas are candles or a pretty bowl or vase with oranges, lemons, or other fruit in it. Is your family tv free or do you watch television in another room?

  5. Thank you, everyone! It seems yellow is a more popular color than I realized. lol

    Chris, it *is* an eclectic assortment of furnishings, isn't it? lol That just happened, the result of not being able to just go into a furniture store and buy a whole roomful of furniture. But I like the mismatched look; it makes a room look like it's grown organically from the life of the family who lives there. . . which is exactly what did happen. :-)

    MSW Mom Jan, we don't own a television, but we do watch videos or stream from Netflix on our computers. We have never had cable or satellite TV and there was so little on network TV that we wanted to see that we just ditched the set entirely. TV has never been a high priority in our house. One of the consequences has been that we rarely see commercials, and one of the consequences of *that* is that our kids (and we ourselves) are not inundated by pop culture and are generally oblivious to "the latest thing." If we choose to partake of some aspect of pop culture, it's usually because we've thought about it and purposefully chosen it. It's been one of the best decisions we've ever made. . . or stumbled into by the grace of God, I should say.

  6. "..grown organically from the life of the family who lives there..." What a wonderful phrase. I love it!

    -Chris O.

  7. Well done with this post -- no need to apologize for being late -- the door is open for a few days ;)


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