Friday, March 18, 2011

On My Mind~~Cute and Fuzzy Edition

For some reason I don't fully understand~~it's probably because we are softies when it comes to cats~~Man of the House, Girl of the House, and I have been trying to domesticate a stray cat. Feral cat would probably be a better term. This kitty was born in our neighbor's yard and often wanders over here to see what she can see. She likes to sit in our front window and watch us, and she will even let us pet her through the open window. Of course, we have to feed her! But she won't come in or let us get too close when we are on the same side of the window as she is. Man of the House has dubbed her Nausicaa after the princess in Homer's Odyssey who meets Odysseus when he's washed on shore after a shipwreck and he's lost all his clothes. Nausicaa (pronounced with four syllables!) has just become of marriageable age. So has this cat, so to speak. What we will do with her if she really does adopt us I do not know, but we can't resist getting to know her. She's adorable and very appreciative!

Cat of the House, our permanent, long-term cat, loves to watch the birds at our feeder. Sometimes he'll hang by his front paws from the windowsill to get a better look at all those delectable birdies that are out of his reach. Oh, the longing expressions and the licking of chops that go on!

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  1. She's very cute! And Felix looks so funny in that picture. :) We've got the windows open here (it's been in the 80s this week) and Benny keeps going after birdies on the patio, totally forgetting about the screen door. *lol*

  2. It's been warm here too (for the time of year) but not in the 80's! That's funny about Benny and the screen door! LOL

    Something I forgot to mention is that Nausicaa is about one-third the size of Felix. She's tiny and he's humongous!

  3. That cat just doesn't realize how good he has it right now. Hopefully he will befriend you soon. I hope you are having a nice weekend.

  4. Ohh, how cute. We just got a kitten just after Christmas and he has been such a joy to watch. They are so funny. Your Nausicaa looks just like our cat we had when the kids were little. We had to put her down years ago but she lived to be 17yrs old.


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