Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge~Book #11

Events conspired against me getting my planned book, The Blessings of Weekly Communion by Ken Wieting, finished this week. I had volunteered to be a test administrator for our local homeschool support group's standardized testing this week. That in itself would not have hindered me from completing my book, but Girl of the House caught that nasty stomach-bug-followed-by-upper-respiratory-gunk that seems to be going around these parts. She has been sick all week. Man of the House wasn't 100% either. All those convergences greatly reduced my reading time, alas. So I will keep plugging away and give a full report next week.

All was not a total loss, however. I listened to another P.G. Wodehouse book, How Right You Are, Jeeves, which was a bright spot in a rather dreary week. (Did I mention the rain and dark clouds which descended early on and stayed for almost the entire week? No? No doubt you have heard about the rain and flooding on the east coast. Thankfully, no flooding occured here, but there was plenty of rain!) Wodehouse is a comic genius, and the narrator, Ian Carmichael, is spot on in his voicing of each character. Sometimes I forget that I'm hearing just one actor; Carmichael is that good.

But it's back to my serious book this week. I'm halfway through already, so barring anymore unforeseen hindrances, I should be able to finish it. I plan to read books of a theological and/or devotional nature in observance of Lent, so expect to see rather serious titles added to my list from now through Easter.

What have you been reading? Share below:

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  1. I think Wodehouse is great, and always enjoy reading his books.


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